About Me
Hi! I am Susanne, a UX/UI Designer with a graduate-level background in human studies, psychology, and experience as a business development representative. From my unique background, I have developed great listening and communication skills where I can easily empathize with my clients. I possess organization, attention to detail, and goal-oriented skills as well. I use a holistic approach to solving problems, empathize with clients, and can collaborate and build connections with any team. 
My desire to help people and businesses led to my transition to UX/UI design. I use my skills to build a rapport, understand users' needs and identify pain points with empathy, and generate human-centered solutions in my designs. 
I apply the same principles in a UX/UI Designer role to create beautiful, engaging, and user-friendly experiences that positively impact today's increasingly virtual environments and products. I am currently available for full-time or contract work in St. Louis, Missouri, and/or can work remotely. 
Outside of my professional life, I believe it is important to have a balance in life and find ways to de-stress. This is where my second passion comes into play which is fitness. You can find me running long distances outside or attending cycling or pilates classes. Fitness gives me the energy to run and move my body. I find that the days I run, I am even more productive and my best self. What also gives me energy is socializing with friends or family over good food. I'm a big foodie and always up for trying new restaurants. 
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